Transform Sustainable Solutions into Competitive Advantage

Our marketing strategy experience has shown that clients marketing sustainable offerings face steeper challenges than other businesses: higher costs combined with a price-conscious customer base. The solution we found wasn’t to beat anyone over the head with the virtues of sustainability, or try to convince them that the bottom line didn’t matter. We realized we had to go bigger.

The revelation we had, and what drives us today, was that sustainable solutions require a re-invention of tired categories, a revisioning of what a market can be to shape sustainable solutions into unique revenue generators that provide competitive advantage. It’s not easy. It takes courage. But when it works, it changes the world. And we’re here to help.

  • Growth Consulting

    Troubleshoot scaling challenges, reimagine tired categories, identify market adjacencies and uncover horizontal or vertical supply chain efficiencies with Young Marketing Consulting’s growth assessment process.

  • Go-to-Market Strategy

    Establish your product position, confirm your channel strategy, lock in your pricing, and build a strategy that’s ready to conquer the market.

  • New Product Development

    Identify potential solutions, vet your audience’s interest, and workshop minimally viable product concepts to surface your next innovation.

  • Brand and Product Positioning

    Build your story and fine-tune the details to speak directly to your audience’s pain.

  • Audience and Competitive Research

    Dig deep into your market’s needs and identify gaps your competitors can’t meet. The seeds of a successful market entry lie in understanding your market better than anyone else.

  • Sustainability Marketing

    Build a successful sustainability marketing strategy that delivers on a promise to improve your customers’ lives and the world.

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How is Young Marketing Consulting Supporting Green Businesses?

Bethesda Green Logo

We currently serve as marketing mentors and green marketing consultants to the sustainability startups at green business incubator Bethesda Green.

Virginia Tech Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability

As part of our support for sustainable product development, we conduct annual research on sustainable business opportunities with the students at Virginia Tech’s Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability.