GuidePoint Cybersecurity

Project Scope

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Qualitative Interviews
  • Marketing Budgeting
  • Executive Presentation

GuidePoint Cybersecurity

Corporate Strategic Marketing Planning

GuidePoint Security has experienced rapid growth, rising to more than 300 employees in a robust cybersecurity market. That growth came largely from individual sales efforts in its independently managed national regions, which created a support challenge for its corporate marketing department when trying to boost lead generation, qualification, and growth efforts on a national level. The organization’s marketing efforts were scattershot, and regions grew frustrated with a lack of resources dedicated to their activities.

To help, Young Marketing Consulting began by interviewing GuidePoint staff at all levels: partners, senior executives, functional managers, sales staff and administrative personnel. These interviews uncovered a series of challenges that were addressed through the creation of a three-year strategic plan. This plan included:

  • Staffing models (both in- and out-sourced)
  • Scope of department responsibilities
  • Regional support structure
  • Budgets
  • Required marketing activities

The plan was presented to GuidePoint’s leadership team and turned over to their VP of Marketing to execute (whose hiring was the first recommended step of the plan).