Our Clients

Young Marketing Consulting’s clients range from the largest Fortune 500 companies to the scrappiest start ups, including small businesses, associations and nonprofits, local governments, business-to-business firms, and consumer-focused businesses. A few of our recent clients appear below:


Digital Advertising


Military Historical Tours Pay Per Click Advertising

Military Historical Tours was seeking to build demand for its historical battlefield tour products and reallocate marketing spend that had not been generating returns. We developed a social media-based pay-per-click advertising campaign that led to a 693% ROI on its advertising spend and generated a strong influx of new customers.


PPC Ad Campaign for Arlington County

The ACCVS was seeking to attract more LGBT travelers to Arlington’s hotels in advance of Washington DC’s June 2015 Pride Week festival. Young Marketing Consulting executed a content marketing and online pay-per-click ad campaign that generated:

  • Hundreds of new hospitality leads for the county and its partners in a matter of weeks
  • A 350% increase in clicks compared to previous campaigns
  • A 28% increase in the county’s overall website traffic.



Content Marketing and Thought Leadership


Wanted Analytics Thought Leadership and Content MarketingA core specialty of our firm is content marketing: producing digital content that can be used for search engine optimization, lead generation, social media distribution and earned media exposure.

We ghostwrote Wanted Analytics’ data analyses, worked with their CEO on investor communications, produced quarterly hiring demand surveys on their behalf and wrote regular blogs to drive earned media coverage within their target market of corporate HR executives.

The result? Regular media placements in publications such as Forbes that generated strong market visibility.


Email and Content Marketing for Business Transformations

Business Transformations, a startup product development consultancy, wanted to grow its profile and lead database through content marketing. We generated a 63% increase in organic search traffic within two months of beginning the engagement while achieving email marketing open rates greater than 50%


B2B Lead Generation


B2B Lead Generation Campaign for Warren News

We are particularly skilled at generating leads for clients through channels such as search engine optimization, digital/PPC advertising, and email marketing.

Our lead generation process for Warren Communications has increased the leads entering Warren’s database by more than 200%, and we have deployed an automated CRM-based lead qualification email system that is currently qualifying hundreds of leads each month for sales follow-up.


Market Research


ITT Market ResearchIn addition to the lead generation work we perform for Warren, we also conduct regular market surveys designed to uncover growth barriers and opportunities for the company’s various products. Warren uses the outcome of these efforts to inform its corporate growth strategy.



Social Media Marketing


The ClearingWe also manage our clients’ online reputations and social media interactions. The Clearing is a mid-sized change management consulting firm in Washington DC targeting federal and corporate clients. We ghostwrite The Clearing’s social media postings and produce regular webinars and other content that they use to interact with potential customers and grow their online reputation.


Brand Growth and Identity Development


Entrepreneurs Organization

Prior to founding Young Marketing Consulting, the YMC team steered the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) through a multi-million dollar global rebranding that radically changed the organization’s identity, creating all branding materials including identity statements (mission/vision/etc.), logos, product branding, photography assets, and collateral used by the organization’s 140 chapters.

In addition, our marketing campaign for EO achieved the following:

  • 156% overall ROI and 200% return on PPC spend
  • Grew organic web traffic conversions by 40% while increasing traffic 21%
  • Reduced PPC ad cost per conversion by a year over year average of 24%
  • Grew social media followers by 22k per year

Case Study: Membership Growth Strategy Development


Membership Growth Assessment for the ICCFA

The ICCFA approached us after realizing its membership growth had stagnated. We conducted a comprehensive membership and marketplace survey in order to understand their challenges, then revitalized their membership lead generation and conversion process by helping them focus on the marketing efforts that would drive the highest return among their target markets. Here’s what else we did:


  • Identified underserved markets through customer segmentation; interviews with existing, lapsed and prospective members; and international member surveys
  • Conducted competitive market research to identify effective marketing channels and any necessary messaging changes
  • Established a comprehensive growth strategy built on multi-channel lead generation tactics
  • Evaluated client internal operations in order to diagnose and resolve barriers to lead conversion, including establishment of growth benchmarks and revised staffing levels
  • Presented strategic growth plan to client board of directors and received approval



A selection of our other current and previous marketing clients appears below.

B2C Marketing: Consumer Products

Young Marketing Consulting Branding, Logo, and Identity Work Makondo PetsPaper-Napkin-Logo

B2C Marketing: Consumer Services

Switch to SolarFocus Media Studios Military Historical Tours Pay Per Click Advertising   Spotjobs     aceparking

Abigail Wurf     IT-Point-Consulting-Training

Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing


Transparent Business Logo      Wanted Analytics Thought Leadership and Content Marketing

iHorse Technologies Email Marketing and Lead Generation   The Clearing  B2B Lead Generation Campaign for Warren News