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Video Marketing for Your Business

Videos dominate many of today’s marketing campaigns, but the 15-second Facebook video that just made you chuckle took hours of work to prepare. How can you make your video campaign successful? During this lunch-and-learn hosted by Eastern Foundry, Focus Media Studios will cover the basics of video production, while Tim Young from Young Marketing Consulting will […]

Need to Build and Execute Your Marketing Plan?

Small business? Struggling with marketing? Join us for a Marketing Strategy Boot Camp on August 25. Small business owners wear so many hats that marketing often falls to the bottom of their to-do list. In this Small Business Boot Camp presented by WACIF and Capital One, Tim Young from Young Marketing Consulting will cover the […]

Four Email Marketing Best Practices

In last week’s post, we broke down how to interpret the various email marketing metrics available to marketers, ultimately identifying the single most important email marketing metric (hint: it’s not open or click rates). So now that you know how to evaluate your email marketing campaigns, let’s talk about how to keep improving your email marketing efforts. This week, we’re going […]

Fast-Acting SEO: 3 Essential Tools to Help You Follow the Trends

One of the most common questions we get from our search engine optimization clients is “when will my SEO start working?” The answer, very often, is it depends. If you’ve got a strong web presence with optimized SEO architecture and good traffic volumes, the effect might be immediate. If you’re building a site from scratch, SEO is more […]

6 Video Marketing Tips: The Future is…Yesterday?

From Periscope to Facebook Live to Youtube, video marketing has taken the digital marketing world by storm. By 2019, Cisco predicts that 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be video, and US adults already spend 5.5 hours with online video content every day. With traditional television viewing in steep decline among most demographics, many marketers are tempted to say that […]

How to Market When You Don’t Have Time for Marketing, Part 2

Welcome to the third and final post in our series on maximizing the time you spend on marketing. Here’s what we’ve covered so far: How to Decide How Much Time to Spend on Marketing Four Steps to Build A Time-Saving Marketing Strategy Now, it’s time to get tactical. Your goal during this stage is to structure your marketing channels so that […]

How to Market When You Don’t Have Time for Marketing, Part 1

What’s the most valuable asset in your business? I recently posed this question to a room full of business owners, and received the usual answers: people, process, intellectual property, and more. And while these suggestions weren’t necessarily wrong, I was surprised at how long it took until a member of the group volunteered what I […]

One Formula Tells You How Much Time to Budget for Marketing

As marketing consultants, one of the most common questions we receive is “how much time should I spend on marketing?” To help our clients answer that question, we need to do a little marketing math. And our formula for determining how much time you should spend on marketing centers around the old axiom that time is money. So […]

Six (More) Social Media Best Practices for 2016

Last week, we covered our first round of social media best practices for 2016. In that piece, we looked at the three most popular social media sites: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to discuss how brands can best reach their audience through these platform. This week, we’re diving a bit more deeply into what were once the […]

Six Social Media Best Practices for 2016 – Part 1

If you want to market to an audience in 2016, you’ll find them on social media. Facebook’s user base is now larger than the population of China, Instagram grew 50% in 9 months, LinkedIn has nearly 400 million members, and it seems that a new site or app pops up every day that demands our audience’s attention. With […]