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5 Common Brand Strategy Questions Answered

A brand is an attempt to make the intangible real. A brand is a simple concept with an almost infinite number of potential executions. And that’s why developing a brand strategy can become so difficult. Let’s take a look at an example. Recently, we sat down with a firm that needed help with their brand architecture and […]

Three Signs It’s Time to Rebrand

Branding matters. Your brand defines how you conduct business and differentiate yourself from competitors. Once a company has solidified these areas and established brand awareness in its market, its focus will often turn (as it should) to consistent application of these principals. But every market evolves as new competitors and technologies arise, and brand qualities that might resonate […]

How to Monitor Social Media Analytics

Social media was made to be monitored. Social media is, at its heart, an ongoing conversation with your customers. And to help them better understand their audience’s behavior, savvy marketers have turned to social media analytics. Ultimately, social media analytics are your guide to creating a successful social media strategy. Without monitoring analytics, you’re essentially playing a guessing game when […]

Why SEO Strategies Fail

Search is the top traffic driver to content sites Most people understand the importance of having a search engine optimization strategy. But why isn’t your strategy working? SEO is complex and ever-changing, so it could be failing for many reasons. If you aren’t seeing results, it may be time to take a step back and identify what mistakes […]

3 Reasons Why Small Business Branding Matters

“Your brand is your promise” Branding is likely the oldest form of marketing in the world. The practice of using a mark to indicate ownership or craftsmanship has been in use for thousands of years, with the word itself coming from the Old Norse verb “to burn” and likely originating from the practice of branding livestock. But what […]

2016 Email Marketing Success Benchmarks

The ultimate measure of email marketing is did it drive the results you wanted. When discussing email marketing metrics, the conversation often stops and starts at open and click-through rate benchmarks. Although important measures, these email metrics are not 100% reliable for reasons that we’ll discuss in a moment. But they also belie a bigger point about email marketing: […]